Vegas Real Estate Show Publishes Podcast Discussing Strategies for Homebuyers to Get Their Offers Accepted in a Multiple Offer Negotiation

Vegas Real Estate Show Publishes Podcast Discussing Strategies for Homebuyers to Get Their Offers Accepted in a Multiple Offer Negotiation If you’ve submitted an offer to buy a home in Las Vegas recently, you no doubt have experienced the frustration of the same home having multiple offers. You see a home you love and unfortunately it seems like you’re at the mercy of the seller in today’s marketplace. However, there is good news. There are some strategies you can use to get your offer accepted over the others. <!– google_ad_client = “pub-4550296210383693”; google_ad_width = 300; google_ad_height = 250; google_ad_format = “300x250_as”; google_ad_type = “text_image”; google_color_border = “E6E6E6”; google_color_bg = “F7F7F7”; google_ad_channel = “7237908781”; //–> google_ad_channel=”7237908781″;google_ad_client=”pub-4550296210383693″;google_ad_format=”300x250_as”;google_ad_height=250;google_ad_modifications={“plle”:true,”eids”:[“332260000″,”38893302″,”21061122″],”loeids”:[“332260004″,”38893312″]};google_ad_type=”text_image”;google_ad_width=300;google_color_bg=”F7F7F7″;google_color_border=”E6E6E6″;google_loader_used=”sa”;google_ad_unit_key=”2850205791″;google_ad_dom_fingerprint=”1911519326″;google_unique_id=2;google_start_time=1523430667705;google_bpp=2;google_async_rrc=0;google_sailm=true;google_iframe_start_time=new Date().getTime();google_async_iframe_id=”aswift_1″;window.google_process_slots=function(){window.google_sa_impl({iframeWin: window, pubWin: window.parent});}; Las Vegas, NV, April 11, 2018 –(– The Vegas Real Estate Show today published their latest podcast featuring Suebrett Tonic from Urban Nest Realty where she discusses strategies and tactics homebuyers can utilize to get their offers accepted in a multiple offer negotiation situation.The podcast discusses five strategies buyers could employ to compete in a tight market. Hopefully, one of these tactics or a combination will help a buyer become a new homeowner by winning the deal over the many other offers being contemplated by the listing real estate agent.The podcast episode was sponsored by All Vegas Valley Realty and can be accessed here: Vegas Real Estate Show co-host Ron Costa: “Employing some of these strategies may just be that extra tipping point you’ll need to close the deal next time you see the home you fall in love with. With all the great insights Ms. Tonic brings, it’s no wonder why she is becoming a fixture on the show!”About The Vegas Real Estate Show:The Vegas Real Estate Show is the premier podcast for real estate information for the entire Las Vegas Valley, bringing the latest news and events pertaining to real estate in Las Vegas to listeners in an informative and entertaining manner. Commercial, residential, new homes, high rises, luxury property – the Vegas Real Estate Show covers it all.

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